Roadone is a brand of truck tyre, which is launched by Hixih Rubber Industry Group. Roadone has international brand background and Chinese localization advantages. All the key equipment is from the world-class tyre equipment manufacturers, and is customized according to the special requirements of customers. The technology adopts the global leading all steel radial truck tyres production technology from European century enterprise , and integrates the unique design that is more adaptable to the Chinese road conditions. Through the engineering practice at home and abroad and market test, the products have the outstanding advancement, applicability, and practicability, and are suitable for the domestic road transport, and could fully satisfy the market demand.

In order to ensure the high quality, high standard and high performance of the products, the production management implements the network control technology. The quality of the tyres could meet DOT and ECE standard, and conforms to the internal control index of the product technology requirements. There will be a more open world in the future. Hixih Group strives to create a largest rubber product manufacture base in the world with high-end technology, high-end products and highly innovative industrial products with their partners. They also strive to impulse the development of the industry and believe that they can make greater contributions for realizing the greatest revival of "Chinese Dream".

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