ROADONE Tire "sailing" in Qingdao Port, HIXIH Group and Qingdao Port International Logistics to achieve strategic cooperation

Roadone 2018.06.22

On the morning of June 22, HIXIH Group and Qingdao Port International Logistics Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement in Qingdao Port Group. As the seventh largest port in the world, Qingdao Port, with its special position in the industrial chain, accumulates social logistics resources to provide a full range of services for ROADONE's import and export business. At the same time, ROADONE will build 100,000 units of vehicle within the Qingdao Port Group. Carrying out ancillary services marks another breakthrough in the field of logistics and transportation services for its own brand ROADONE Tire. ZhengMinghui, Chairman of Qingdao Port, Chen Fuxiang, and Secretary of Qing gang International Board of Directors, Li Wucheng, General Manager of Qingdao Port International Logistics Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Leng Bing, Chairman of HIXHI Group Niu Teng and Sales Director Niu Fei attended the signing ceremony.

For this cooperation, the Chairman of the HIXIH Group Niu Teng said that since its establishment, HIXIH Group has always adhered to high-quality, high-end and high-efficiency development, adhered to strong alliance and innovative development, and has embarked on a high-end leading, innovation-driven, technology-supported, green and low-carbon for the development road. HIXIH Group and Qingdao Port share a common philosophy and common pursuit in the field of logistics and transportation. The cooperation between the two parties is a win-win situation of resource sharing, complementary advantages and strong cooperation.

The Chairman of Qingdao Port International Logistics Co., Ltd. Zheng Minghui said that the cooperation is d on the logistics industry represented by Qingdao Port and the depth of the multi-field, internationalization, high-end, high-quality and efficient real economy representative - HIXIH Rubber Industry Group Strategic cooperation, a new model will inevitably bring new opportunities. Qingdao Port will take this opportunity as an opportunity to rely on the special position of the port in the industrial chain, guided by customer demand, accumulate flow resources, and configure dock loading and unloading, transportation, The value-added service system of ship generation, freight forwarding, bonded, processing, warehousing, trade, inspection and finance has established an industrial structure that fully connects the market, optimizes service supply and is full of internal vitality, and gradually becomes the organization leader of logistics supply chain.

Qingdao Port International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a supplier and platform operator with international vision and providing door-to-door logistics services. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Port, Qing Gang Logistics has a registered capital of 245 million Yuan. On the basis of good cooperation, adhering to the cooperation concept of "integrity, innovation, service, and win-win", we aim to build a full-service logistics service delivery service center, further strengthen exchanges, and carry out deeper cooperation in the field of logistics and transportation.

HIXIH Group will bravely take on the historical mission of "building a high-end independent tire brand and let the world re-recognize Shandong tires", and will build our own brand – ROADONE tires into the world famous brand of China tire industry, breaking the domestic The high-end tire market has long been monopolized by foreign brands, driving the Chinese tire industry to improve quality, efficiency and transformation, and rank among the top tire industry in the world.Let China's largest automobile producing country truly has its own series of high-end tires!

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