Explosion scene | ROADONE debut at the SHANGHAI Tire Show, showing the national brand charm!

Roadone 2018.08.20

On August 20, 2018, the long-awaited 16th China International Tire Wheel Expo (CITEXPO 2018) was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. As a representative of high-end national independent brands, ROADONE tires appeared in the show. The director of Huaqin Group, Niu Fei, visited the exhibition site and attracted extensive attention from many domestic and foreign media. On the day of the exhibition, ROADONE Tire booth was full of popularity and came to exchange and visit. The number of customers is endless. According to incomplete statistics, more than 300 customers were received on the first day, and more customers signed cooperation agreements at the exhibition site.


ROADONE Tire has brought a number of world-class products to this exhibition. With its diversified product system and excellent technical strength, ROADONE Tire and many internationally renowned tire companies compete on the same stage, showing the national brand charm. In this exhibition, Niufei detailed the development history of ROADONE Tire and the goals of participating in this exhibition, and explained the future development plan of ROADONE Tire.

The quality of RONDONE tire never compromises

ROADONE has always adhered to the user-centered operation mode of a single brand and regards the problems we encounter as wealth. As a high-performance national independent brand, ROADONE will continue to fulfill its commitment to customers and build a good product. Continue to increase R & D investment, create product differentiation and innovation, meet the diversified needs of the market and continuously provide high-quality tire products with excellent performance, further enhance the user experience and let consumers feel the excellent performance of ROADONE tires.

Going abroad to the world

For this exhibition, Niufei said: In the face of anti-dumping and double anti-insurance against the development of domestic tires, ROADONE tires seize the opportunity to occupy overseas markets with quality. ROADONE tires continue to promote the globalization process, its products has been sold to many countries and regions around the world. At the same time, ROADONE will continue to increase investment in research, development and technology and provide safer and more valuable quality tire products to meet the different needs of consumers in the global market.

At this exhibition, ROADONE exhibited a number of models and specifications, which not only showed the ROADONE high-performance products to overseas distributors in a close-range manner, but also realized timely and effective communication between manufacturers, which will further enhance ROADONE's corporate and brand image strongly, promotes the development of the tire market, continuously enhances market visibility, enhances the market share of ROADONE tires and promotes national independent brands.

As the first time to participate in the exhibition, ROADONE tires not only exhibited a large number of star truck tire products: GD58, RD25, but it is surprising that ROADONE tires have passenger tires in this exhibition, namely: Famous X7, Super R7.

Medium and short-distance truck tires

The GD58 is suitable for driving wheels. It is designed for medium and short-distance mixed road transportation such as provincial roads and country roads. The sturdy shoulder pattern and unique heat tire formula make this tire safer and more durable. A model of truck tires!

The RD25 tires are designed for high-speed, national long-haul, long-haul standard transport and are suitable for drive shafts. It adopts special block pattern and home widening pattern design, which can provide super driving force for trucks, improve service life and save cost, which is very popular among users.

High-end passenger car tires

The Famous X7 Urban SUV tires are asymmetrical in design and uniquely designed to improve tire comfort and drainage while maintaining tire grip. The terminator of the city SUV is none other than it.

The Super R7 is even more eye-catching. The asymmetrical pattern design optimizes the tire grounding area and pressure distribution. The superior apex design allows it to have excellent handling performance and ensure comfort and safety during driving. It is the "Almighty King" in the tire!

More and more customers have strict requirements on the driving comfort, durability, handling, traction and grip of the tires. The various tire products displayed on the spot have won the trust and praise of the visiting customers.

ROADONE will actively promote overseas business through active research on the "One Belt, One Road" and "Free Trade Zone" industrial policies. Next, ROADONE will increase its development efforts in overseas markets, accelerate the "going out" strategic layout and strive to enhance the international market. Market competitiveness, bigger and stronger overseas market!

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